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Box Lacrosse is a great way for the developing player to continue to improve his skills and Lacrosse IQ in a more competitive and physical setting.

The national sport of Canada, box lacrosse is typically played in a converted hockey rink or roller hockey rink. In Canada, outdoor hockey rinks are converted to Box lacrosse rinks once the ice melts in summer.

6 players - a goalie and 5 "runners" comprise each team. All of the runners use short sticks and play offense and defense. The goal (4' x 4') is smaller than a field lacrosse goal (6' x 6') and a box goalie wears significantly more padding than goalies wear in the field game. As in ice hockey, the confined space and boards creates a very physical game.

Solid stick skills become more relevant in the box because of the confined space and physical nature of the action. There is a shot clock which tends to generate far more shots than one may see in a field game, but goals are much harder to score with the smaller goal and significantly larger goalie.

Substitutions take place through the box area along one sideline - similar to hockey. Penalties are time serving and tend to be longer in length than time serving penalties in the field game.

The Surf Dawgs traditionally enter a few teams in one of the Orange County Box Lacrosse Leagues. The box lacrosse season for us is from early September through early November.

Games last about an hour and are played on weekends. Some weekends we will play two games in a 3-4 hour period, but then will not play the following weekend.

Due to the reduced number of players on a team, the physical nature of box lacrosse and the need for solid stick skills, participation in box lacrosse tends to be limited to our more experienced players.

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